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At AUSAG we produce football uniforms for Melbourne and throughout Australia. One of the top custom sportswear manufacturers in the country, we’ve been providing AFL teams of all ages with quality apparels.

Soccer Uniforms Melbourne

Football Uniforms Melbourne

Australian Football is a truly unique sport that works every muscle in your body. At AUSAG we’re football fanatics, so we understand the complexities of the sport and use this knowledge to design uniforms that are suited specifically for Australian Rules football. With various designs and colours available, you can choose the perfect uniform to reflect the identity of your team. We also offer customised services for teams who want to take it up a notch by adding a sponsor logo or team emblem on a jersey.

Our uniforms are made with only the finest medium-weight polyester, which is both breathable and moisture wicking. Ideal for any amateur Football division in Melbourne, our football uniforms are made with performance in mind to guarantee you comfort throughout the game. Contact us today to make an order.