Sports Apparel Melbourne

A custom-made sports uniform designed from the highest quality material can make a great impact on your athletic performance. At Australian Sports Apparel Group (AUSAG), we’re one of the country’s biggest manufactures of sports apparel. Based in Melbourne, we specialise in custom designing a wide variety of sportswear, from team uniforms to school sport uniforms, for sports fanatics in Australia and abroad.

Whether you’re a part of established professional team or simply enjoy playing for amateur sporting club recreationally, we can design the ideal uniform or sports apparel for your team. Our design professionals works on a range of attire suited for different sports including football, tennis, cycling, swimming, running and more.

Custom Sports Uniforms Melbourne

When you invest in an AUSAG custom made sports uniform, you’ll be guaranteed ultimate comfort coupled with a stylish look.We produce limited-edition custom sports uniforms for various Melbourne sport clubs and schools. Do you need a trendy uniform for your local sports squad? A matching uniform can help your team stand out in the league. We manufacture various sized jerseys, shorts, jumpers and hoodies for every sport.

Custom Sports Uniforms Toorak

Our experts will design the best suited uniform for you sports team. We strive to use only the finest fabric to create our modern designs, so that each athlete can enjoy the many benefits of a quality sports clothing item. We are the main supplier of sportswear throughout Melbourne’s surrounding suburbs, as far west as Williamstown to Toorak. Our custom sports uniforms are the best in the country, call us today to make an order!