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Custom Baseball Uniforms


Invest in Our Melbourne-Produced, Reasonably Priced Custom Baseball Uniforms

We provide custom baseball uniforms and clothing for a variety of sports teams all over Australia. Talk to us if you need to outfit your rugby-, cricket-, hockey-, soccer-, or any amateur or professional sports team and need to order a minimum of 20 units.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Baseball Team Uniforms?

We are dedicated to supplying on-field bespoke sports uniforms and also provide a variety of off-field apparel such as medical, school, corporate, and other work-related outfits.

  • Our accessories, footwear, and clothing are easy-to-wear, comfortable, and trendy. They are made of the best quality fabric to ensure your team moves easily in our sportswear, whether you need to outfit tennis-, netball-, or basketball players, swimmers, gymnasts, or cyclists.
  • We provide a comprehensive line of technically advanced baseball uniforms and sporting attire for men and women in Australia. Our one-stop-shop supplies innovative fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, jackets, socks, t-shirts, polo shirts, jerseys, shorts, pants, and sports bags to athletes and supporters.
  • Our team collaborates with athletes that have particular requirements during the product development phase to ensure that they get what they need to perform at their best. We offer a quick turn-around time and stick to deadlines while delivering the best quality and service to our clients.


We can embroider your logos and the names of the schools, clubs, colleges, universities, and professional teams represented. We can likewise screen print the players’ names and numbers on the clothing, and provide the necessary apparel to coaches and support staff.

The Importance of Team Baseball Uniforms

The first formal baseball game took place in 1846. The habit of dressing teams in uniforms started with the New York Knickerbockers in 1849. It took another 50 years for all major league baseball players to start wearing team uniforms, however.

  • A uniform – no matter which sport you play – symbolises the team’s values, tenacity, unity, solidarity, and spirit and is worn by players, personnel, and fans alike. The logos and colours of the jerseys visually differentiate the teams and identify individual players during a game.
  • Supporters can keep track of what is happening on the field and whom to cheer for, and players instantaneously know whom to defend against or pass to, based on what they wear.
  • Each member of the team, from the head coach to the star players, benchwarmers, and physiotherapist, plays an important part. Teams create a sense of equality and cooperation by dressing all involved in distinct colours and uniforms.


Forward your design to us or complete a quote request to receive your artwork and design, created by our intramural graphic designers, free of charge.

Why You Should Use Australian Sports Apparel Group

We are one of the foremost sports apparel companies in Australia. Our Melbourne-based staff produce custom designs for a variety of sportswear. We also supply logo embossed sports equipment such as cricket bats and balls, hockey sticks, helmets, tennis racquets, rugby balls, and baseball gloves, to name a few. Contact us for the best prices you can find anywhere.