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Basketball Uniforms Melbourne

Basketball is a cardio-intensive sport, and players require a highly breathable and agile uniform. At AUSAG, we supply amateur and professional teams throughout Melbourne with custom basketball uniforms.

Custom Basketball Uniforms Melbourne

As passionate sports enthusiasts ourselves, we aim to manufacture uniforms designed specifically for high-intensity sports like basketball. Our uniforms are constructed with the latest, fast-drying mesh material to give players ultimate comfort and flexibility when competing. Whether you’re playing indoor or outdoor basketball, we have jerseys that can withstand any environmental conditions. When you choose an AUSAG basketball uniform for your Melbourne team, you’ll be guaranteed a product that fits well and will look great all season.

Custom Basketball Uniforms South Yarra

A stand-out jersey can provide a strong sense of identity for any basketball squad, while also increasing team spirit. Over the years we’ve produced uniforms for a broad range of sports clubs and schools throughout Melbourne, from Footscray to South Yarra. Our custom basketball uniforms are made to suit your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a slick red coloured jersey, or want to add your team’s logo, one of our many designs will be sure to match your needs.

Interested in ordering custom basketball uniforms? Melbourne’s best sportswear specialist is AUSAG.

Custom Basketball Uniforms


Custom Basketball Uniforms Made for Champions

At the Australian Sports Apparel Group, our commitment to excellence initiated the development of custom basketball uniforms alongside our multiple on-field and active lifestyle collections. Our ethos is rooted in an unwavering passion for sports and a belief in the importance of leading an active life. It is with this in mind that we forged ahead and launched our sports apparel lines in 2013. Moreover, we wanted to ensure teams could access quality apparel that was comfortable and still offered value for money.

When Buying Basketball Uniforms Consider These Factors

It is essential to have a working knowledge of physical sporting dynamics when selecting a team uniform. As these elements influence what fit, material, cut and visual effect would best suit the sport. Additionally, understanding team psychology and how similarity fosters cohesion forms a sound foundation for selecting customised team uniforms.

  • In-house printing and embroidery. Our team of skilled embroiders and printers makes the customisation of team basketball uniforms easy. As design, printing and embroidery are all in-house, you are in complete control of your uniform’s final look. Moreover, our team’s attention to detail ensures we can manage the quality control process associated with creating your custom design.
  • Quality products. The materials used in the production plays a crucial role in the characteristics of the garment. The fabric determines the breathability, durability, elasticity as well as the fit of the garment. It thus influences the overall suitability of the sporting attire for the desired activity.
  • Made for comfort. In addition to the type of material selected, you need to factor in structure, pattern, stitching and panelling of the activewear selected. As this also influences the overall comfort of the attire while enabling, supporting or restricting movement.

What Sets Us Apart When it Comes to Basketball Team Uniforms

We ensure that you get the best quality activewear both off and on the field. To ensure we deliver on this, we have honed our skills and partnered with the best businesses in the industry.

  • Reputation. Our partners and in-house teams adherence to rigorous quality standards, which means you benefit from great products and services at a reasonable price.
  • Delivery time. Our working knowledge and manufacturing skills enable us to guide you on the best solutions for your timelines. Rest assured, we do all we can to get the job done within reasonable turnaround times.
  • Product development. We work with our manufacturers to ensure the apparel we source is fit for purpose. Our products are for athletes, from the structure and fabric to the pattern design; each piece will provide maximum comfort.

About Australian Sports Apparel Group

We are here to ensure you get the right outfit with the corresponding design on time, for your next big game. Enjoy the latest sporting apparel trends with our collection of sporting wear. Shop lifestyle and activewear designed to enhance performance by boosting movement and comfort. Alternatively, you can contact us for custom orders and quotes.