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Custom Hockey Uniforms


Find Your Custom Hockey Uniforms at Australian Sports Apparel Group

Are you looking to order custom hockey uniforms for your team? If you need team wear but don’t know where to start, we can help. Australian Sports Apparel Group offers team uniforms for players of all ages and many different sports. We understand the importance of a good uniform, which can make a big difference in the way your team feels – and plays.


The Importance of Hockey Team Uniforms

Modern uniforms and the details they display are an important part of any team sport. Here are some of the benefits of providing your team with matching sports apparel:

  • Identity. The main reason that custom uniforms have become so ubiquitous is that they help distinguish your teammates from your opponents. Sports can move fast, making it hard to see an individual player’s face. Uniforms make it easier to make quick decisions mid-game.
  • Functionality. The governing committee of your chosen sport likely has established guidelines for player’s kits, including items such as the jersey, warm-up gear, socks, pads, and other accessories. The right uniforms also provide good mobility and protection to players, making it easier and safer for them to give their all on the field.
  • Motivation. Being part of a team gives players a feeling of camaraderie and motivation to do their best. It encourages them to play better and makes them feel proud of their team. Uniforms also standardise dress so that everyone on the team looks the same, and no one feels inferior or superior because of their clothing tag.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Team Hockey Uniforms

Uniforms can add significant value to your team, but only if you choose the right ones – uniforms that look sharp, fit properly, and do not contain typos. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid and ensure that you get the most out of your team wear.

  • Typos. A single typing error can render an entire batch of uniforms useless. Proofreading before finalising your order is extremely important. Double-checking what you type when you place your order can save you a major headache down the road. Ideally, several different people should proofread your request before sending it through – because a small mistake can be significant when printed on all your players’ shirts.
  • Incorrect sizing. Your hockey uniforms will be worn by your players regularly, so they must be comfortable and fir properly. An ill-fitting jersey not only looks unprofessional but can also harm a player’s efficiency. You may run into sizing issues, too, if you assume that a free size will fit everyone on your team. At the very least, you should have a few different sizes available for team members to choose from.
  • Buying from the wrong supplier. Unfortunately, too many people have received subquality products from unethical uniform suppliers. Do your research and be sure that your supplier is reputable and experienced. They should have many satisfied customers and a wide range of offerings – including items similar to the ones that you need. Australian Sports Apparel Group can create quality uniforms your team will enjoy wearing for years to come.


About Australian Sports Apparel Group

At Australian Sports Apparel Group, we place a strong emphasis on quality – quality materials, construction, image quality, and customer service. We provide uniforms for a variety of sports, including hockey, basketball, soccer, and cricket. We can ship your uniforms anywhere in Australia quickly so that your team will be ready to go in no time. For more information or to place your team’s order, contact us today.