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Rugby Jerseys Sydney

Are you looking for durable rugby jerseys? Sydney’s go-to order for high quality rugby gear is AUSAG. As specialists in custom-made sportswear, you can guarantee that we’ll produce an ideal jersey for your team.

Quality Rugby Jerseys – Sydney

At AUSAG our staff have the sports expertise and skills to manufacture jerseys that will last a lifetime. Our jerseys are made from only the best fabric, which allows for complete comfort and durability.

Since rugby is a rigorous contact sport, players require jerseys that are strong and can withstand different weather conditions. Whether you’re playing in intense rain or harsh sun, our jerseys won’t fade or tear easily. Do you want a unique rugby jersey that will capture your team’s identity? We offer local teams in Sydney custom rugby jerseys that can be tailored to include your colour of choice and team logo.

For premium rugby jerseys in Sydney, contact AUSAG today to make an order.

Custom Rugby Uniforms


Stylish Custom Rugby Uniforms for Professional, Amateur, and School Sports Teams

Contact us if you require a minimum of 20 custom rugby uniforms in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia. We design and produce comfortable, tasteful sports apparel for runners, swimmers, cyclists, tennis-, and football players, among others.

The Benefits of Rugby Team Uniforms

Your rugby jersey colours and design are your team identification. Wearing the same uniform injects unity that leads to better on-field performance because of the enthusiasm it engenders and the cohesive group’s desire to succeed.

  • Every sports team you see in a stadium or on TV has a uniform. The players, the support staff, and the coaches all wear the same attire. Supporters buy and wear their favourite team’s jersey at the game, the shopping mall, or on the street – especially on a big and important game day.
  • The team and its followers ascribe value to rugby team uniforms, whether it is a high school, college, university, club, or professional team. The uniform is a cardinal component of every sport the world over.
  • Performing well and winning a match requires team spirit and a sense of belonging, not only as regards the other players and the coaches but also relating to the institution or country of players. Rugby team uniforms infuse a sense of unity that keeps players determined to do their best and triumph.
  • We do professional screen printing and embroidery on quality fabrics only to make your team distinguishable from the other players on the field, and so the competitors can plan their moves since they know where their teammates and rivals are. Players’ jerseys have their names on the back, which helps the viewers and commentators to recognise each participant.

Besides rugby uniforms, we provide a variety of comfortable jerseys and sports team wear that will not impede functioning for basketball, netball, gymnastics, and track-and-field teams.


How to Customise Your Order for Rugby Uniforms

Send us a quote request, and you will receive a free design and artwork from our in-house designers who incorporate your logo and each player’s name and number as stipulated. You can also forward your own design to us.

  • Please provide us with final details concerning the required items, order volume, and sizes based on our size chart.
  • Our accounts department will calculate and send you the overall amount you need to pay to place your order once we’ve received all the details.
  • We will send you an email to confirm your order and the deadline once we’ve received your order sheet and 50 percent of the total amount.

Our turn-around time is four to six weeks, depending on the order size and item. We will dispatch your order via either DHL Express, Australia Post, FedEx, UPS, or Toll upon receipt of the account balance.


About Australian Sports Apparel Group

We provide a one-stop-shop for sports clothing, accessories, and footwear. Our team provides excellent customer support and will replace a defective item if you report the problem to us within seven days of delivery. Contact us to order your rugby uniforms.